Egg Roll (1)

Shredded cabbage, pork, chicken and shrimp seasoned with garlic, pepper, salt with a hint of peanut butter rolled in a wrapper and deep fried till golden brown. Served with spicy mayo, sweet chili, and unagi.


Spring Rolls (2)

Veggies wrapped in a crispy wrap and deep fried till golden brown. Served with spicy mayo, sweet chili, and unagi.


Crab Rangoons (4)

Star shaped wonton wrappers filled with seasoned cream cheese, crab meat, imitation crab meat, onions. Served with spicy mayo, sweet chili, and unagi



Steamed soy beans sprinkled with sea salt and cracked black pepper.


Roti Canai (2)

A flaky buttery flatbread pan fried on each side and served with our yellow curry coconut milk dipping sauce.


Pot Sticker Dumplings (6)

Handmade pork or vegetable dumplings, pan fried or steamed to perfection with our signature house dipping sauce.


Samurai Steamed Buns

Your choice of Pork Belly, Shrimp, or Bulgogi Beef. Lettuce, cucumber, carrots, green onion, wedged inside our traditional steamed buns with a delectable Hoisin sauce glaze.


Bleu Cheese Fried Wonton

Bleu cheese, fried tofu, green onions, folded inside a wonton skin and deep fried till golden brown, served with spicy mayo, sweet chili and unagi sauce.



Skewers marinated with teriyaki sauce, garlic and seasonings, grilled and topped with a honey drizzle Your choice of: Chicken 6 | Shrimp or Beef 9


Deep fried in our tempura batter and served with sweet chili, spicy mayo, and unagi sauces. Your choice of: Vegetable 6 | Shrimp 8

Fried Chicken Wings (5)

Marinated jumbo chicken wings tossed in our house batter and fried to a crispy golden brown. Served Plain, Thai Spicy or Honey Garlic.


Bamboo Burgers (2)

Potato, cheese, pork, shrimp and onion. A crispy wrapper filled, rolled, and deep fried till golden brown. Served with sweet chili, spicy mayo, and unagi sauce.



seasoned squid dipped in batter and fried to a flaky crunch. Drizzled with spicy mayo and unagi sauce and topped with green onions. Served plain or spicy.


Bacon Wrapped Soy Sauce Scallops (3)

Pan seared jumbo scallops wrapped in bacon and rested in a sweet soy marinade with a spicy mayo drizzle topped with green onion.


Pu Pu Platter

Egg roll (1), spring roll (2), shrimp tempura (2), blue cheese fried wonton (2), fried dumpling (2) & crab rangoon (2) and teriyaki beef (2)


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Soups & Salads


A light miso soup base with steamed tofu, seaweed, and green onions.


Egg Drop

Lightly beaten eggs folded into our soup base and seasoned with sesame oil and topped with green onions.


Hot & Sour

A savory mix of carrots, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and fungi simmered in our hot and sour soup base and topped with sesame oil and green onions.



Our homemade shrimp and pork dumplings with shredded BBQ pork rested in chicken broth. Seasoned with sesame oil, white pepper powder, and topped with green onions.


Chicken Coconut

Diced chicken and onions simmered in a rich creamy coconut milk broth topped with green onions and a swirl of Siracha for an added kick.


Seaweed Salad

Seaweed marinated in sesame oil. Served cold


Japanese House Salad

Crisp romaine mix, carrot strips, cherry tomatoes and red onion drizzled with our sesame ginger dressing.


Teriyaki Salad

Your choice of Chicken, Salmon, or Tuna. Grilled or pan-seared fillet encrusted with a Teriyaki glaze atop a freshly tossed romaine mix, topped avocado and served with ginger dressing on the side


Bangkok Crunch Salad

Your choice of Chicken or Shrimp. Spinach, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion, mushrooms, shredded carrots tossed in our sweet soy Balsamic vinaigrette and topped with our crispy chow mein noodles and avocado


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Prices and menu items are subject to change without notice. 

Actual dishes might look different from photos.

Please alert your server to any food allergies before ordering.

Ask your server about menu items that are cooked to order or served raw. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.